Valiant Communications: VCL E2 (4E1), 8Mb/s Optical Line Terminal and 2/8 Mbps Digital Multiplexer
E1 (G.703) Fiber Optic Modem

The VCL E1 (G.703) Fiber Optic Modem provides the user the capability to establish communication between two E1 interfaces or between an E1/FE1 interface and a "n"x64 V.35 interface over an optical fiber link.

It establishes a secure, long range data fiber link between routers, multiplexers and other E1 devices.

The primary application for the VCL-E1 (G.703) Fiber Optic Modem is to establish point-to-point fiber link at ranges longer than any copper modem can achieve. The clock options are Internal/External/Slave Clock - three clock mode option.

E1 Fiber Optic Modem
E1 Fiber Optic Modem - Back

The also offer the following optical transmission solutions:


Technical Specifications

Electrical Interface (E1 Tributary)

Number 1
Nominal bit rate 2048Kbps
Bit rate tolerance 50ppm
Termination Impedance 120 Ohms balanced / 75 Ohms un-balanced
Line code HDB3
Frame structure As per G.704
Electrical Interface As per G.703
Return Loss at input port: 51.2 KHz to 102.4 KHz > 12dB
102.4 KHz to 2048 KHz > 18dB
2048 KHz to 3072 KHz > 14dB
Maximum Output Jitter 20Hz to 93 Hz       1.5UI
700Hz to 100KHz  0.2UI
E1 Connectors RJ-45 / BNC
Permissible Attenuation 6 dB (max) @ 1024KHz

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