Technical Specifications - E1 PRI ISDN Q.931 Multiplexer


Valiant Communications' VCL-PRI (Primary Rate Interface) ISDN Multiplexer provides an efficient and cost-effective platform to convert 30, dial-up, analog voice circuits to a digital E1, PRI ISDN interface, as per ITU-T Q.931 recommendations. Compatible to DCS equipment and Bosch alarm receivers.

Our E1 PRI ISDN Multiplexer offers a unique application to deliver voice to campus, office and residential areas over an IP backbone.

VCL-PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Multiplexer may be used to connect fully digital Corporate LANs and ISP Equipment and Networks with E1, PRI ISDN interfaces to analog PSTN circuits, or analog equipment.

E1 PRI ISDN Q.931 Multiplexer

The VCL-PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) Multiplexer bridges the gap between the analog and the digital E1 world by providing an intelligent interface to connect E1, PRI ISDN to 30 analog telephone sets. VCL-PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN ) Multiplexer is an ideal choice for Corporate and ISP customers who wish to connect their equipment with E1, PRI ISDN digital interfaces to analog telephone sets.

The VCL-PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN ) Multiplexer shall interface to the E1, PRI ISDN port of any Switch / Server / PBX using PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) signaling as per ITU-T Rec. Q.931 to interconnect up to 30, analog interfaces to the E1, PRI ISDN port.

Digital Interface 2048 Kbps

Number of Interfaces 1
Conformity (Electrical) G.703
Frame Structure As per ITU-T (CCITT) G.704
Signaling PRI ISDN (Euro ISDN) signaling as per ITU-T Rec. Q.921, Q.931
PCM Sampling Rate 8000 samples / sec.
Encoding Law A law as per ITU (CCITT) G.823
Bit Rate 2048 Kbps ± 50 ppm
Code HDB3
Nominal Impedance 120 Ohms Balanced
Peak Voltage of a mark
120 Ohms Balanced interface
3.0 V ± 0.3 V
Peak Voltage of a space
120 ohms Balanced interface
0 V ± 0.3 V
Nominal Pulse Width 244 ns
Pulse Mask As per ITU (CCITT) Rec. G.703
Output Jitter < 0.05 UI (in the frequency range of 20Hz to 100 KHz
Permissible Attenuation 6 dB at 1 MHz
Return Loss at:
51.2 KHz to 102.4 KHz
102.4 KHz to 2048KHz
2048KHz to 3072 KHz
Jitter Tolerance As per ITU (CCITT) G.823
Loss and recovery of frame alignment As per clause 3 of ITU (CCITT) G.732
Loss and recovery of multi-frame alignment As per clause 5.2 of ITU (CCITT) G.732

2 Wire, Analog Interface - FXS Interface

Number of Interfaces per card 2
Interfaces Type FXS
Maximum Number of Channels 30
Transmission performance Fully compliant to ITU (CCITT) G.712 specifications
Line Impedance 600 Ohms (900 Ohms optional)
Connector RJ11
Voice Channel Frequency 300Hz - 3400Hz
Insertion Loss -2dB Nominal (User adjustable range -2dB to -7dB
Idle Channel Noise £ -65dB
Return Loss 300Hz - 600Hz - 12dB
600Hz - 3400Hz - 15dB
Longitudinal Balance 46dB between 300Hz to 3400Hz
Ring voltage (FXS) 40 volts RMS into a load of 5R.E.N. with a 0.30 Erlang traffic pattern
Subscriber Loop Current (FXS) 23 mA into a subscriber loop of 1000 Ohms
Dialing Pulse Speed 8 - 12 pps
Overload Level +3.14dBm ± 0.5dBm
Data Transmission Supports V.34 modems, 33.6Kbps (download data transmission rate)
Caller ID DTMF (provides Carrler ID to all DTMF based decoders)

Clock Synchronization

Synchronization Sources Internal Clock or timing derived from the E1, HDB3 link (Loop-Timed)
External Clock Input As per ITU (CCITT) Rec. G.703
Impedance of External Clock Input Port 120 Ohms Balanced
Default Option Internal Clock

Power Supply

Input DC voltage -48V DC (Nominal)
Range of input -40V to -60V DC
Input Voltage Reversal Protection Provided


Cooling Natural, Convection cooling
Temperature 0°C to 50°C, Ambient

Mechanical Specifications

Rack Mounting Standard 19 inch DIN rack
Height 3U (133.33 mm)
Depth 292 mm
Width 482 mm
Weight 8.500 Kgs.

Ordering Information

Core System (Common Equipment) Choice of Interface Cards
Control Card 1 & Control Card 2 FXS (Remote / Subscriber)
Power Supply Card Ring Generator
Connectorized Backplane 19 inch Shelf