STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer, GigE-SDH Aggregator


VCL-1043-STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer and GigE-SDH Aggregator’ is the compact Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP) that offers Gigabit (Optical and Electrical ports), Ethernet (FE), STM-1, STM-4 and E1 aggregation functions. The Gigabit and SDH uplink (network side) interfaces can provide simultaneous services.

The VCL-1043-STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer and GigE-SDH Aggregator complies to relevant ITU-T standards. This cost-effective and flexible multi-service platform supports STM-1 / STM-4 level uplink (networks side) ports and various optional downlink (customer side) ports to provide E1, optical, Ethernet over SDH and Ethernet over PDH traffic access and aggregation.

Data Sheet stm-1 aggregator

The TDM traffic in SDH/MSTP network and the packet traffic in IP network can be distributed and aggregated in the STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer and GigE-SDH Aggregator.

STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer, GigE-SDH Aggregator

The VCL-1043-STM-1/4 SDH Multiplexer and GigE-SDH Aggregator allows time-slot cross-connection and IP data switching facility. With the ability of connecting various network topologies, reliable self-healing mechanism and unified intelligent management system, the product is suitable for enterprise access, private network interconnection, mobile base stations connection and video monitoring applications.


  • Four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (UTP / SFP)
  • Supports GFP (G.8040, G.7041 / Y.1303), VCAT (G.7043) and LCAS (G.7042) encapsulation
  • Supports Non-blocking switching for granularity VC-12/ TU3/ VC4
  • Supports MEF-9 and MEF-14 compliant for EPL, EVPL, E-LAN
  • Supports Enhanced Ethernet traffic management with hierarchical QoS, includes:
    • DSCP based QoS
    • 802.1p based QoS
    • VLAN based QoS
    • Port based flow control.


  • Structure
    • 3U height, 19 Inch width standard, 9 card slots.
    • LVDS clock-free backplane, independent SDH bus and GE bus architecture
  • Ethernet uplink (network side) cards
    • Up to 2 GE optical ports and 2 GE electrical ports.
    • Aggregate 1000M Ethernet traffic from up to 3 downlink (customer side) cards
  • SDH uplink (network side) cards
    • Up to 2 x STM-1 / STM-4 interfaces.
    • 32VC4 x 32VC4, 96TU-3 x 96TU-3, 2016VC12 x 2016VC12 non-blocking cross-connect.
    • Single / double terminal 1+1 linear Multiplex Section Protection and SNCP Protection.
    • Point-to-point, chain and ring network topology support.
  • Downlink (customer side) cards
    • SDH optical tributary, E1, Ethernet over SDH and Ethernet over SDH downlink (customer side) cards.
    • Communication with the remote Ethernet media converter, SDH and MSTP terminals.
    • Supports 1+1 path protection.
    • Supports embedded E1 BERT testing function.
  • Timing
    • Traces any timing source of STM-1/4 uplinks or STM-1 optical tributaries, or external timing source.
    • Supports External timing output.
    • The timing source can be switched manually or automatically.
    • Supports free-running, tracing and hold-over modes.
  • System Management
    • Supports network management system.
    • Supports DCC and EXM (Extended E1 interface for management) channel for communication between gateway and elements.
    • Supports DCN channel for the communication between gateway and server.
    • Supports SNMP_V1 and SNMP_V2 protocol.
    • Supports local and remote firmware online update without disturbing existing traffic.
    • Provides top-mounted aural-visual alarm output.
  • Applications
    • STM-1 SDH Multiplexer
    • STM-4 SDH Multiplexer
    • Gigabit Ethernet Uplink / Downlink Aggregator
    • FE / Gigabit Ethernet over SDH
    • IP Video Aggregator
    • Media Converter Aggregator.