Applications: STM-1 (with 14 E1) with any one interface card (E3 / DS3 / 8 port 10/100BaseT Ethernet)


Next generation SDH multiplexers to provide multiple services from E1 tributaries (software configurable as E1) and 1 E3/DS3 tributaries (software configurable as E3 or DS3) or an 8 port 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces.

The STM-1, VCL100CPE (with E1) and with one tributary interface card (E3 / DS3 / Ethernet) is an ultra-compact and cost-effective customer premises bandwidth provisioning STM-1 SDH multiplexer equipment designed to meet low or medium capacity bandwidth service demands.

Following tributary choices are available:

  • E1s (standard part of equipment / chassis) with (any one of the following) E3 or DS3 or 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • The chassis is 19" rack or wall mountable as per customer requirements.

STM-1 Add-Drop Multiplexer: STM-1, VCL100CPE Applications

This configuration is used whenever VCL100CPE is part of a ring or a linear chain. The box will be configured with two STM-1 optical interfaces (East and West) with E1 drop interfaces.

STM-1, Add Drop Multiplexer

Add-Drop Multiplexer

STM-1 Terminal Multiplexer

In a terminal multiplexer configuration, only one STM-1 optical interface is used in an unprotected set up. This is the case when VCL100CPE is either used as a spur or at the end of a linear segment. If 1+1 MSP is also provisioned, an additional STM-1 optical interface is required on VCL100CPE.

STM-1, Terminal Multiplexer

Terminal Multiplexer

Network Applications

VCL100CPE is fully compatible with other members of the VCL100CPE family viz., VCL100CPE SDH Access Node (STM-I/4), VCL100 Cross-connect Node (STM-I/4) and VCL100 Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (STM-l/4). It can therefore be seamlessly used in an end-to-end network configuration from the customer premises to the optical core.

The following figure shows a STM-4 network built using VCL100 Multi-Service Provisioning Platforms with low drop requirements at a couple of locations. These requirements can be cost-effectively addressed by using a VCL100.

STM-1/4 Ring - Mixed Network Solution

Mixed Network Solution

With an increase in demand for Ethernet based data services such as Internet access and Transparent LAN applications, VCL100 is the right kind of product to meet such data requirements as shown in the following figure. This shows a hubbed ring configuration, which is typical of an Internet Access application.

VCL100 MSPP, which supports an Ethernet Card, is positioned at the hub node and would interface to the Gateway Router. VCL100, on the other hand provides data connectivity to the end-user, at the customer premises.

Data Services

VCL100 on its own may also be used to build low-speed transport networks as is shown below.

STM-1, Low Speed Network

Low-Speed Backbone

This unique product supports end-to-end provisioning and management of voice and data services across all the segments of the optical network - from the customer premises to the core. It combines innovative optical networking software with the intelligence of SDH to deliver a flexible solution to today's service providers. The VCL100CPE can be configured as a Terminal Multiplexer (TMUX) or an Add-Drop Multiplexer (ADM), with E1, E3, DS3 or 10/100 Ethernet Interface service interfaces and trunk interfaces at STM-1 rate.

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