Technical Specifications: STM-1 (with 14 E1) with any one interface card (E3 / DS3 / 8 port 10/100BaseT Ethernet)


Next generation SDH multiplexers to provide multiple services from E1 tributaries (software configurable as E1) and 1 E3/DS3 tributaries (software configurable as E3 or DS3) or an 8 port 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces.

The STM-1, VCL100CPE (with E1) and with one tributary interface card (E3 / DS3 / Ethernet) is an ultra-compact and cost-effective customer premises bandwidth provisioning STM-1 SDH multiplexer equipment designed to meet low or medium capacity bandwidth service demands.

Following tributary choices are available:

  • E1s (standard part of equipment / chassis) with (any one of the following) E3 or DS3 or 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
  • The chassis is 19" rack or wall mountable as per customer requirements.


STM-1, (upto 14 E1) with E3, DS3 or 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface

Network Topology
  • Linear
  • Ring
  • Mesh
Network Element Configurations
  • STM-1 Add & Drop Multiplexes (ADM)
  • STM-1 Terminal Multiplexes (TMUX)
Line Side (Aggregate) Optics
  • 2 x STM-1e/o
  • L1.1, L1.2 (ITU-T G.957 compliant)
Tributary Interfaces
  • E1 / DS1 Interfaces
  • E3 / DS3 Interfaces
  • STM-1o / STM-1e / E4
Ethernet Interfaces
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • LCAS
  • GFP / X.86
  • Lower and Higher Order Virtual Concatenation
  • Full / Half Duplex, auto-negotiation
Cross Connect
  • VC-12 cross connect,
  • Fully non-blocking
  • Line to Line, Line to Tributary, Tributary to Line, Tributary to Tributary
  • 1+1 SNCP (as per G.841)
  • 1+1 linear APS (as per G.841)
  • VC-12, VC-3 level path protection
  • Redundant Power Supply Unit
  • Higher-order and Lower-order POH, SDH level alarms and performance monitoring (as per G.826 and G.784)
  • Local & remote loop back
  • Software Downloads
  • NES (Network Element Software), supports full FCAPS functionality via web browser interface
  • RS-232 port for craft interface
  • In-band control supported using SDH/Sonet Overhead Bytes
  • E1 management channel with drop facility
  • Alarm Signaling Indicators and External Contacts
Timing & Synchronization
  • Timing and Synchronization of system as per ITU-T Rec. G.813
  • Internal oscillator of supplying a G.813 compliant Stratum -3 SEC
  • Support of SSM Byte
  • Internal and External Timing interfaces: Two E1 Bits interfaces (as per ITU-T G.703)
Power Supply
  • -48V DC Nominal, -36V to -60V
  • Low power consumption - less than 35W
Order wire support and user data channel
  • E1/E2 bytes used for Express Order Wire (Omnibus / Selective Calling facilities)
  • F1 byte for user data channel
  • 5 potential-free outputs and 2 potential-free inputs
Physical Dimensions
  • H x W x D (44 mm x 445mm x 270 mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing

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