Gigabit Ethernet over SDH (STM-4) Converters


Valiant's Gigabit Ethernet over SDH (STM-4) Equipment is a compact and high-performance Gigabit Ethernet to STM-4 converter (with VLAN TAG function), which offers three Gigabit Ethernet interfaces (2 Electrical and 1 Optical Ethernet interfaces) and 2 x STM-4 interfaces.

The solution complies to ITU-T G.7041 and G.7042 EoSDH (Ethernet over SDH) technology. All VC4 / STM-1 (1~8) are user configurable and may be mapped to a single VCG (single Ethernet Port), when both STM-4 interfaces are independent. 3 x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces can share up to 1112Mbps (8 VC4).

Data Sheet Gigabit Ethernet over SDH

Available in 3 versions:

This equipment offers low power consumption, high integration and supports point-to-point application. This is a cost-competitive solution for applications such as network access, transparent LAN services and LAN extension.

Features and Highlights

  • 19-Inch Rack with 1U height
  • Provides 4 E1s and upto 1000 Mbps wire-speed Ethernet
    • Optical Interface
    • Two STM-4 optical interfaces, LC type SFP module, hot-pluggablee
    • Line Bit Rate is 622Mb/s (transmission distance depends on the SFP module)
    • SFP MSA (INF-8074i), ITU-T G.695, FC-PI V2.0 standards
    • Supports Automatic Laser Shutdown (ALS) function
    • Supports Remote Power down Detect (RPD) function
  • Ethernet interface
    • One Optical Gigabit Ethernet interface and two Electrical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces compliant to IEEE802.3 serial specification
    • RJ45 connector Electrical Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, supports auto-negotiation, which can operate on 1000M full-duplex, 100M full/half-duplex, 10M full/half-duplex Mode
    • The Optical Gigabit Ethernet interface uses 1.25G SFP module, which can work on 1000M full-duplex mode (transmission distance is optional and depends on the SFP Optical module)
    • Supports unicast, multicast and broadcast frame
    • Supports 802.3x flow control
    • Supports broadcast storm filtering control
    • 4K MAC address table, with optional 12s / 300s ageing time configurable, the default is 300s
    • Supports MAC address dynamic learning function
    • Accepts frames with lengths between 64 and 1518/2000/9720 bytes
    • Supports port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q tag-based VLAN
    • Supports QinQ (Double Tag VLAN)
    • Supports port rate control
    • Provides performance statistic for each Ethernet interface
  • Timing mode
    • Internal timing source, complies with ITU-T G.813 standard
    • STM-4 optical line timing source (T11, T12)
    • Timing sources can be switched over according to alarms, SSM values, frequency offset, and the preset priority of the sources, or forced switch over.
  • Path Protection
    • Supports 1+1 path protection and 2+0 non-protection mode
    • Supports 1+1 path protection with the recovery time less than 50ms
    • 1+1 linear unidirectional / bidirectional Multiplex Section Protection (MSP)
    • Supports automatic protection switch and manually protection switch
  • Virtual concatenation
    • Supports 1~8 VC4 virtual concatenation
    • The maximum differential delay is 252ms
    • Provides both LCAS and Non-LCAS modes
  • Compliant to ITU-T standards
    • GFP-F encapsulation, compatible with ITU-T G.7041 recommendation
    • Virtual Concatenation (VCAT) and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) recommendation G.7042
    • Redundant power supply with power consumption of less than 10W
    • 48V DC single power supply
    • -48V DC double power supply
    • 220V AC single power supply
    • 220V AC double power supply
    • -48V DC+220V AC double power supply.

    Alarm and Indicator Monitoring

    • Power Indicator
    • Current Status (integrity and activity) Indicator
    • Urgent Alarm Indicator
    • Minor Alarm Indicator
    • Optical Signal Loss Alarm Indicator
    • Remote Device Power-down Indicator
    • Ethernet Card Status Indicator
    • General Alarm Indicator for Ethernet Card (including Link-down of Ethernet Port)
    • Auto Laser Shutdown (ALS) Indicator
    • Engineering Order-Wire (EOW) Indicator
    • Ethernet Link Indicator
    • Ethernet Speed Indicator
    • Dry contact via 9-pin, D-type male connector
    • Buzzer Alarm
    • SNMP Diagnostic and Monitoring

Application Diagram

Gigabit Ethernet over  SDH (STM-4) Converters

Data Sheet

Data Sheet Gigabit Ethernet over SDH