T1 DACS (DXC) - 16 Ports Digital Access Cross Connect Switch - VCL-MegaConnect Jr.


Valiant offers its 16 port T1 Digital Access Cross Connect Switch (DACS / DXC) (and E1 DACS) for applications including access cross-connect, Hi-Z (high impedance) monitoring, automatic protection switching (1+1 APS). All models are available with TCP-IP remote access and monitoring facility.

The VCL-MegaConnect-Jr. 16 Port, T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch, is an T1 digital cross connect switch, which presents its user an easy to use, yet a sophisticated platform to cross connect up to 16 T1 ports. T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch offers full cross connect functionality to cross connect, and/or aggregate DS-0s, "n"x64Kbps consecutive data channels and fractional T1 channels to full T1 channels.

The 16 Port T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch occupies only a 2U high rack-space and is a complete 19-inch stand-alone unit that provides connectivity of up to 16 T1 ports. The unit operates on a - 48V DC input power-supply (AC input adapter is optional).

16 Ports Digital Access Cross Connect Switch

The system is supplied with a CLI text-based, easy-to-use interface that offers the user complete control to prepare multiple configuration maps (and store them as data files) and the ease of downloading them from a PC. Dry contact relay alarms are also available at rear of the system to connect the system to an external alarm.


The 16 Port T1 Digital Cross Connect Switch also has a TCP-IP Access feature which allows the DACS to be connected on a TCP-IP network (10/100 base interface) for remote access for configuration and monitoring.

The 16 Port T1 DACS - VCL-MegaConnect Jr can also be ordered for special non- intrusive (Hi-Z) monitoring applications in which (pre-assigned monitoring ports) T1 ports can be connected to monitoring/billing equipment for live traffic monitoring (non-intrusive monitoring).

Features and Highlights

  • Stratum 3 clock
  • Remote TCP/IP access for configuration and monitoring
  • 16 T1 ports (and E1 ports) configuration available
  • Configurable from 2 T1 ports to 16 T1 ports depending on user requirements
  • Reduce access costs by combining partially loaded T1s to a single T1
  • Text based user friendly CLI for easy configuration
  • Telnet option
  • Economical
  • Compact
  • Monitoring and Grooming applications.


  • ISP providing fractional T1s to subscribers
  • Data aggregating fractional T1 data circuits
  • Cellular extending fractional T1 ports from MTSO to cell-sites.

Programming Features

  • Specifying the priority sequence for clock selection
  • Enabling or disabling 2Mbps Ports (masking) of the 2Mbps ports that are not in use
  • Creating a cross connect between T1s at DS-O level (single time-slot level) using the CLI commands.

Status Monitoring

  • Clock selection
  • Status of alarms
  • Enabled/Disabled status of 2Mbps ports
  • Monitoring of the 16 Port T1 DACS - VCL-MegaConnect -Jr status and configuration
  • Loss of incoming signal at all 2 Mbps ports
  • Configuration error alarm
  • In addition to the above monitoring facilities, 16 Port T1 DACS - VCL-MegaConnect-Jr is provided with LEDs, which indicate various fault conditions