VCL-PMU-30, Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)

Product Overview

Valiant's VCL-PMU-30 is a comprehensive and a fully integrated, modular phasor measurement unit (PMU) and control solution designed for synchrophasor measured values and IEEE C37.118 protocol and grid monitoring. As a key element of Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS), the VCL-PMU-30 meets and exceeds C37.118 requirements for P and M class accuracy monitor and enables its users to implement highly intelligent and effective real-time control and very advanced remedial action schemes.

VCL-PMU-30 monitors voltage, frequency, phase angle and shifts in the power transmission network in real time to detect grid imbalances, excessive loads zones and trouble spots which can result in grid failure.

The VCL-PMU-30 has 4 CT and 4 PT inputs, 8/16 digital inputs which may be used to send voltage or current phasors, synchronous measurements of magnitudes and frequency data that is essential for implementing an advanced power monitoring, protection and control system.

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VCL-PMU-30 can also be used to relay breaker status, or transfer other analog input readings, such as transformer temperature etc.

The VCL-PMU-30 chassis can be configured to provide accurate P and M class measurements using GPS / GNSS, IEEE-1588v2 PTP as well as IRIG-B time inputs with better the 50ns, phase synchronized time-stamp accuracy. Designed for use in the harsh substation environments, the VCL-PMU-30 is highly dependable and reliable control and measurement solution. It helps with quick recognition of the current network situation and indicates both power swings and transient phenomena, transparently as well as instantly.

Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs) measure current and voltage by amplitude and phase at selected stations of the transmission system. The high-precision time synchronization (via GPS / GNSS / PTP) allows comparing measured values (synchrophasors) from different substations far apart and drawing conclusions as to the system state and dynamic events such as power swing conditions.


  • High precision, 16-bit accuracy on current and voltage inputs
  • High precision clock base <50 ns with internal GPS, or in IEEE-1588v2 PTP Slave mode
  • Integrated GPS receiver in the Master mode, or with its IEEE-1588v2 PTP option in the PTP Slave mode.
  • Best in Class Holdover Accuracy: Better than 9us/24-hour accuracy in a 24 hour holdover clock mode in the absence of the loss, or unavailability of the GPS signal.
  • GPS and GNSS (GPS + GLONAAS) options.
  • Complies with the following protocols, C37.118.1 and .2, IEC 61850-90-5, GOOSE messaging
  • Meets and exceeds the C37.118.1 requirements for both M and P class accuracy.
  • User configurable C37.118 message rate from 1 frame/sec. to up to 240 frames/sec.
  • Provides standardized synchrophasor data format for easy integration with the third-party grid management tools.
  • Best in Class frequency measurement accuracy of 0.001Hz (when locked to GPS / GNSS)
  • Total Vector Error (TVE): Less than 0.50% in steady conditions.
  • PDC (Phasor Data Concentrator) Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS)

Measurement Systems:

  • 4+4 Inputs (3 Phases + Neutral)
  • Frequency (attains a 0.001 Hz frequency reading accuracy,
  • Rate of Change of Frequency (ROCOF) - df/dt
  • Voltage Phasor
  • Current Phasor
  • Positive Sequence Voltage
  • Positive Sequence Current
  • Power Quality (3 types)
  • “Sags” and “Swells”
  • Power Factor
  • Harmonic Measurement - THD and K-factor with resolution up to the 50th Harmonic.

Power Supply options:

  • 24V DC
  • 48V DC
  • 110V DC / 125VDC
  • 220V DC / 250V DC