STM-1 Monitoring Groomer, Non-Intrusive STM-1 Monitoring Solution


VCL-STM-1 Monitoring Groomer is a cost-effective monitoring and grooming equipment which may be used to "non-intrusively" monitor "bi-directional" STM-1 links through a 80:20 optical splitter patch panel and allow the user to select 64Kbps time-slots and groom them to E1 output ports, which may be then connected to E1 probes, E1 signaling analyzers and billing servers etc.

The equipment provides as many as 32 E1 output ports to which the selected / groomed 64Kbps time-slots may be output.

The figure shown below, illustrates a typical "non-intrusive", bi-directional monitoring application of an STM-1 link in both east and west directions and the groomed time-slots are output to E1 interfaces.

Features and Highlights

  • Single box solution - capable of "monitoring" a bi-directional STM-1 optical link and "grooming" the selected 64 Kbps, DS-O time-slots to output E1 Ports
  • Compact size
  • Integrated optical amplifier
  • Modular
  • Easy to configure and manage
  • Remote access
  • Dual Power Supply Input
  • Dual Power Supplies (Dual -48 V DC operation)

Application Diagrams

STM-1 Monitoring Groomer

Note: The Optical signal is "tapped" through an optical patch panel using a 80:20 optical signal splitter.

Data Sheet

Data SheetSTM-1 Monitoring Groomer