T1 Monitoring Groomer 64 Port Plus, Hi-Z Non-Intrusive Hi-Impedance Monitoring Solution


The VCL-MegaConnect, 64 Port Plus - T1 Monitoring Groomer is suitable for non-intrusive monitoring of upto 32, "live" T1 traffic links, bidirectionally (i.e. in both transmit and receive directions through its 64 T1 receivers) through a high impedance (Hi-Z) path. Additionally, the equipment also provides 16 output T1 ports that shall connect the aggregated time-slots which have been non-intrusively "monitored" from the 32, "live" T1 traffic links to the user's protocol analysers, test probes, etc. Available with -20dBsx (0.3Volt Pulse) E1 / T1 signal sensitivity. Also available with -30dBsx (0.1 Volt Pulse) and -40dBsx (0.03 Volt Pulse) E1 / T1 signal sensitivity.

The 64 T1 Port Groomer for monitoring provides upto 32 T1 links (64 T1 Ports) plus 16 additional spare T1 ports (Normal-Z) to connect to the measurement-probe, billing servers etc.

The VCL-MegaConnect, 64 Port Plus - T1 Monitoring Groomer, occupies only a 3U high rack-space, and is a compact 19-inch stand-alone unit. The unit is powered by and operates on a dual (1+1 protected) -48V DC power supply. An AC mains option is also available with an external AC-DC converter.

The equipment is provided with BOTH, RS232 Serial Interface for COM Port connection and as well as a TCP/IP LAN Interface (10BaseT) for providing equipment access through Telnet over a LAN/TCI/IP link. The user may select and use either of these ports for executing HyperTerminal text commands for configuration etc. The access for configuration and system management is provided through CLI (Command Line Interface) text commands which may be executed either from a serial (COM) Port of a PC or through the TCP/IP 10/100BaseT LAN Interface.

The 10/100BaseT LAN Interface allows the equipment to be connected on a TCP/IP network for remote access for configuration and monitoring over LAN/TCP/IP link. The system is also supplied with an easy to use Windows (95, 98, Me, XP) Graphical User Interface that provides the user a complete control to prepare multiple configuration "maps" and store them as easy to read data files. Dry contact relay alarm output is also available at rear of the system to connect the system to an external audio/visual alarm output though a dry relay contact.

The Groomer is capable of non-intrusively monitoring upto 32 "live" T1 links and grooming the selected 64 Kbps time-slots to the 16 additional output T1 Ports provided in the equipment. The 64, T1 receivers of the Groomer shall connect to the 32, T1 "live traffic" links which are to be monitored, non-Intrusively. 16 additional (Normal-Z) output T1 Ports are also provided by the equipment which shall route the aggregated data of the "monitored" time-slots to the user’s test equipment, such as protocol analysers, test probes, billing servers etc.

The Groomer (T1 Monitoring DACS) is capable of monitoring a -20dBsx (0.3Volt Pulse) T1 signal through a Hi-Z path, without in any way affecting or disturbing the "live" T1 traffic that is required to be monitored.

Available with -20dBsx (0.3Volt Pulse) T1 signal sensitivity. Also available with -30dBsx (0.1 Volt Pulse) and -40dBsx (0.03 Volt Pulse) T1 signal sensitivity.

The equipment offers the user with complete flexibility to choose and select time-slots from each of the 32 T1 links that are being monitored, without limitation or restrictions, through the internal TSI non-blocking switch (data received by the equipment's 64 T1 receivers) and then aggregate the selected time-slots to the 16 output T1 ports that shall connect to the test probes etc

Indications and Alarm Monitoring

  • Loss of incoming signal at any T1 Port
  • Configuration Error Alarm
  • Clock Status
  • 1 to 64 T1 Ports - LED indicators to indicate the status of each T1 Monitoring Port
  • 1 to 16 T1 Ports - LED indicators to indicate the status of each T1 Test Port
  • +3 Volts Power Supply
  • -48V DC Input Voltage present
  • Configuration Error

Programmable Features

  • Specifying the priority sequence for clock selection
  • Enabling or disabling T1 channels (masking) of the T1 channels that are not is use
  • Creating a cross - connect between T1s (and E1) at DS-O level (single time-slot level) using the Windows based, easy to use GUI
  • Telnet interface for remote programming

Status Monitoring

  • Clock Selection
  • Status of alarms
  • Enabled / Disabled status of T1 channels
  • Monitoring of the VCL-MegaConnect T1 64 Port Groomer, status and configuration

Application Diagrams

64 Port Plus T1 Groomer

Note: The T1 link is "tapped" through a Hi-Z "Tapping" Port of a DDF Patch Panel.

64 Port Plus T1 Groomer-Front

64 Port Plus T1 Groomer-Back

64 Port Plus T1 Groomer

Data Sheet

Data Sheet 64 Port Plus E1 Groomer