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Corporate InformationValiant Communications Limited is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 10002:2004 certified equipment manufacture of telecom transmission equipment and solutions with installations in over 100 countries, worldwide. Valiant's technological strengths span a wide section of the telecom transmission area including Protection Switching solutions, Ethernet over E1, T1, E3, DS3, SDH and Gigabit Ethernet over SDH converters, Gigabit (Wire-Speed) Optical Multiplexer, STM SDH/SONET multiplexers (STM-1 and STM-4), digital access cross connect (DXC) switching equipment, groomers for Hi-z non-intrusive (high impedance) monitoring, solutions for line tapping, billing and fraud management on E1 and T1 circuits for telcos and cellular / mobile service providers, APS (1+1) automatic protection switching, E1, T1, DS3 echo cancellers and voice quality enhancement systems, wide range of voice and data multiplexers and channel banks, optical transmission solutions, remote asset management technologies and a fast paced new product development strategy.

Valiant's equipment is clearly focused on integrating voice, data and IP networks.

Valiant offers a wide range of ethernet converters including, E1 over Ethernet (TDMoIP), T1 over Ethernet (TDMoIP) Ethernet over E1 (IP over TDM), Ethernet over T1, Ethernet over E3, Ethernet over DS3, Ethernet over SDH and Gigabit Ethernet over SDH converters. Valiant also offers DS3 to E1 converters - which is primarily used to establish communication between two DS3 interfaces over an E1 network, or to connect a DS3 network to an E1 network.

Valiant offers next generation STM-16 SDH / SONET multiplexer to provide multiple services from E1, E3/DS3, STM-1e/1o, STM-4 and 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet tributary interfaces and trunk interfaces at STM-16 rates. The product has built-in non-blocking cross connect at VC-3, VC-4 and VC-12 granularity and supports drop-and-continue functionality.

The latest STM-4 SDH Multiplexer is offered with Ethernet, GigE, E1, E3, E4, STM-1e (electrical), STM-1 (optical) and 10/100 Mbps ethernet tributaries / interfaces. We also offer a flexible STM-1 SDH multiplexer. Valiant has also introduced its latest Gigabit (Wire-Speed) Optical Multiplexer.

Valiant's latest DS3 Fail-Over (DS3 Protection) Switch allows the user to connect a single DS3 line from the telephone company to an "active", as well as to a "standby" DS3 terminal, such as data server / router etc., at the customer premises.

Valiant's also offers a wide choice of products in 1+1 APS - Automatic Protection Switching, T1 Fail-Over Switching solutions and E1 Fail-Over Switching solutions. For more details please click here....

Valiant introduces the E1 / T1 over Ethernet multiplexer (TDM over IP) product that is used to provide upto 16, E1 / T1 communication channels over Ethernet or IP networks. Valiant's offers its latest digital access cross connect switching solutions for E1 and T1 in 16 port, 32 port and 64 port configurations. For more details please click here....

Valiant's also offers its echo canceller and voice quality enhancement solutions. Valiant offers a wide range of products under this category including E1, T1, DS3 and STM-1 echo cancellers. For more details please click here....

Valiant's groomer Hi-z non-intrusive monitoring (hi-impedance) solutions with applications for billing, SS7 signalling monitoring, line tapping and fraud management on E1 and T1 circuits for telcos and cellular / mobile service providers provide flexible and cost effective solutions for these applications. For more details please click here....

Valiant's presents its VCL-MX, 2Mbps E1 Voice and Data Drop Insert (Add Drop) Multiplexer which supports a wide range of voice and data interfaces which include FXO, FXS, E&M, G.703, V.24, iDSL, V.35, nx64Kbps, V.36, X.21, RS530, 10BaseT - Ethernet Bridge, 10BaseT - Router, Fractional E1 (Framed and un-Framed) interfaces and the VCL-DX, 2Mbps Digital Data Multiplexer. For more details please click here....

Valiant also highlights its PRI ISDN (Primary Rate Q.931) Euro ISDN multiplexer with FXS, FXO and E&M analog interfaces and the DCME voice compression equipment for applications in long distance communication, cellular, ISP networks, pre-paid calling card operators and corporate customers. DCME equipment supports various signaling platforms including CAS R2, Primary Rate (Euro) ISDN, C7, SS7 signaling platforms and providing better voice quality than G.729, G.726 and GSM technology. More....

Valiant also offers telecom transmission solutions including next generation STM-1 / STM-4 SDH multiplexers with E1, E3, E4, STM-1e, STM-1o & 10/100 Mbps ethernet tributaries voice and data multiplexers, optical transmission equipment, channel banks, E3, PDH multiplexers, T1 to E1 converters and Gigabit (Wire-Speed) Optical Multiplexers.

Valiant's state-of-the-art telecom solutions support TCP-IP remote access and monitoring facility.

Valiant's equipment is being currently being used by some of these prestigious reference customers which include General Dynamics, Boeing, Texas Instruments, Nokia, Cisco, Alcatel, Telefónica, British Telecom, Raytheon, Lucent, Agilent, Cable & Wireless, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, CBS News, Avaya, Adtran, Hitachi (USA), BSNL (India's largest Government telecom company), Bharti Airtel (India's largest private telecom company), British Telecom, Marconi, Etisalat UAE, Qatar Gas (Qatar), RAS Gas (Qatar), Brunei Airport Authority, Sri Lanka Airport Authority, STM Wireless USA, ADMA - Abu Dhabi Oil, Cook Islands, Fiji Telecom, Jordan Air Force, Bangladesh Air Force, Celltel Malaysia, Tunisia Telecom, PT. INDOSAT Indonesia, XL / Excelcomindo Indonesia, Alestra - ATT Mexico, TelBru Brunei, Lithuanian Railways and other prestigious in over 100 countries.

Valiant provides a powerful blend of "quality and economics". Each product offered by Valiant is manufactured and tested under strict Quality Assurance Program that is based on the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 10002:2004 philosophy and principles.

Our international offices, distributors and representatives are located (in alphabetical order) in Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, France, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, U.A.E., United Kingdom, U.S.A. and Uruguay.

Valiant Communications Limited is a Public Limited and a Listed Company and its equity stock is traded at Bombay Stock Exchange (Mumbai Stock Exchange), in India.

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