E1 DXC / E1 DACS - Upto 80 x E1, 160Mbps Digital Access Cross Connect Switch


  • Scalable: May be used in configurations ranging from 8 E1 Ports to 80 E1 Ports.
  • May be scaled from 8 E1 Ports to up to 80 E1 Ports by adding additional interface cards.
  • Versatile: May be configured as a DACS or as a E1 Multiplexer to provide E1.
  • Offers full cross-connect functionality to cross-connect between 64Kbps time-slots (DS-0s), "n"x64Kbps consecutive DS-0s and Fractional E1 channels to full E1 channels
  • 160Mbps, 80 E1 fully non-blocking cross-connect at 64Kbps (DS-0) level (2480 DS-0 any to any time-slot cross-connect)
  • Occupies 6U high (264 mm) rack-space and is a complete 19-inch standalone unit.
  • Provides a 64Kbps time-slot (DS-0) cross-connect fabric for up to 80 E1 ports.

  • Data Sheet (PDF)
  • Power Point Presentation (PPS)

Key Features and Highlights

  • 1+1 Control Card Processor Redundancy
  • 1+1 Cross-Connect / TSI Redundancy
  • 1+1 Timing (Synchronization Clock) Redundancy. Offers "user selectable" clock / timing synchronization priority.
  • 1+1 -48V DC Power Supply Redundancy (Dual Power Input allows the equipment to be powered from two separate -48V DC sources
  • The Dual Power Inputs allow the equipment to be powered from two separate power sources. AC input external adapter is an optional for AC mains operation
  • Bit Error Rate (BER) monitoring BER thresholds to generate BER alarms automatically whenever alarm limits are exceeded
  • Telnet remote access. SSH for secured remote access
  • SNMP traps
  • Maintains Access Security Log.
  • USB and RS232, Interface for local connection through the serial interface to the "Network Control and Management Software"
  • User Selectable Internal, External and Loop-timed clock synchronization priority options
  • Local and remote loopback facility.

Front View

80 Port E1 DACS / E1 DXC - Digital Cross Connect Switch- Front View

Back View

80 Port E1 DACS / E1 DXC - Digital Cross Connect Switch - Back View

Hardware Highlights

  • System Access, Control and Management Options
  • Telnet
  • SSH
  • CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100)
  • SNMP V2 Traps (MIB File provided)
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface).

OAM: Operation and Management Ports

  • RS232 Serial Port
  • USB COM Port
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet for remote access.

Timing (Clock) Synchronization

Timing Options Internal Clock, Loop-Timed Clock, External Clock. User selectable synchronization priority
Synchronization Sources Internal Clock, span clock timing derived from incoming HDB3 links (Loop-Timed), External Clock, 75 Ohms (TTL), 2.048 Mbits and 120 Ohms (Bits clock)
Default Option Internal Clock

Status Monitoring

  • Synchronization Clock Selection
  • Status of alarms
  • Enabled / Disabled status of 2.048 Mbps E1 ports
  • Monitoring the 80 Port E1 DACS status and configuration
  • Monitoring of E1 Link status: LOS, LOF, AIS, ES, SES, UAS.

Alarm Status and Monitoring

  • Loss of incoming signal at all 2.048 Mbps E1 Ports
  • Configuration error alarm.

Security and Protection

  • Secured Access via SSH V2
  • Password Protection: Password Protection in compliance with the mandatory clauses of the GR-815-CORE-2 specifications for secured access control.
  • Logging: Maintains a log of all successful and un-successful attempts. Logged information includes the ID and the IP address of the accessing entities. Alerts the administrator if the un-successful logging attempts exceed 3.
  • Security Audit: All access logs for up to 30 days are maintained for security audit purposes.
  • Security log entry of any request or activity including that user-ID (including IP address, if applicable), to establish user accountability
  • Report Generation / Audit Trail
  • Security Administration.

LED Indication

  • 1 to 80 E1 Ports LED indicators
  • 5V DC present
  • -48V DC present
  • Configuration error.

External Alarm - Contact Closures

  • 1 Alarm relay Type - Form "C"

Application Diagrams

Application # 1

E1 DXC / E1 DACS - Upto 80 x E1, 160Mbps Digital Access Cross Connect Switch

Application # 2

E1 DXC / E1 DACS - Upto 80 x E1, 160Mbps Digital Access Cross Connect Switch

Data Sheet

Data Sheet (PDF)